Our Fiberflock consists of Angora Goats and Longwool Sheep that have beautiful fleeces with awesome luster and staple length.

A wide variety of Herbal Plants and Seeds are available, We are careful to choose plants that are happy with our area. ​All are useful in culinary or medicinal preparations. some of them even deter mosquitos and other "pesty" bugs.

The Critters

The Farm

In a small corner of the Texas Hill Country you can find our Farm where we cultivated a variety of herbal plants and keep a beautiful, sweet fiber herd of Angora Goats and Longwool Sheep.

2 Potbelly Pig Ladies work hard to loosen out the soil and sweet Silky Chickens and a few other laying hens that provide lots of free range eggs.  Our Farm Dog "Buck" keeps a eye on everything around here.

The Herbs